How Many Private School Districts Are in Central Colorado?

Learn about the various private school options available in Central Colorado and how to find out which district your neighborhood falls under.

How Many Private School Districts Are in Central Colorado?

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is responsible for accrediting school districts and granting them the authority to accredit public schools within their boundaries. Non-public schools, such as private, parochial, and independent schools, provide education to children of compulsory school age. When looking for a neighborhood to move to in Arvada, it may be helpful to download a boundary map from the school district's website. Any Arvada student can enroll in any of the city's charter schools, as long as there are open enrollment spaces.

Another school on the border between Arvada and Westminster homes for sale, Tennyson Knolls Preparatory School, is located in the Westminster School District, but Arvada students can also attend there. The University of Colorado has a well-known architecture and engineering school with approximately 25,000 students. In Colorado, a charter school is a public school that follows the state curriculum and does not charge tuition. A Colorado child who is six years old on or before August 1 of each year and who is under the age of seventeen will attend public school; attend an independent or parochial school that offers a basic academic education, or will receive instruction at home. The Jefferson County School District (Jeffco Public Schools) encompasses most schools in Arvada. The University of Colorado Denver has a main campus in Lakewood, regional centers, and online students with about 9,000 students enrolled.

Neither the State Board of Education nor any local board of education has jurisdiction over the internal affairs of any non-state parochial or independent school in Colorado. The CDE does not endorse or accredit any private school. This is a list of 179 public school districts in the United States. There are 42 private schools in Arvada. To give an idea of the various private school options available, here is a list of a representative sample.

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