How we learn is as important as what we learn

Students at ACS are active owners of the learning process.  From the beginning, they learn that their performance character, which are the skills and beliefs that support success in school and careers, directly impacts their learning.  Staff members regularly ask students to articulate their learning goals, reflect on their progress toward proficiency, and critique their own and their peers work.  In this setting, teachers don’t always hold the correct answers.  Students have access to the requirements for mastery and learn how to adjust their approach as learners in order to succeed.  When a student graduates from ACS, s(he) will confidently make the following statements about our community:


       We are agents of our learning.

       We are part of an intellectually curious community.

       We are problem solvers and critical thinkers.

       We take risks.

       We embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth.

       We hold ourselves to high expectations.

Guiding Principles