Becoming is better than Being

Within a diverse community, individuals acknowledge and celebrate that they are continually learning and growing.  In fact, this process is never done.  At ACS, students and staff members will commit to setting goals for continual improvement, reflecting on their growth, and supporting one another in this growth process.  We have created our core values by examining central beliefs in several cultures.  These are the drivers of our character development work. 


●       Passion (English)

Put all of yourself – your soul, creativity and love – into your work.

●       እውነት(Amharic)

Live truth – in a way that is honest, steadfast, and uplifting to others.

●       sed de conocimiento (Spanish)

Thirst for knowledge – be open, be curious, and challenge assumptions.

●       စာနာမှု Hcarnarmhu (Burmese)

Empathy – Treat others with understanding, compassion, and respect.

●       निरन्तर सुधार  (Nepali)

Continually improve – be self-aware, responsible, and disciplined.

●       isku xirka guud ahaan (Somali)

Connect to a greater whole – in mutual support and community.

Guiding Principles