The mission of Aurora Community School is to create a safe, supportive, and stable environment that allows students to fully engage in experience-based learning in order to bridge academic excellence and community impact.


Aurora Community School, in partnership with families and the community, inspires students to develop a sense of purpose and strive for academic excellence by fostering strong character, cultivating lifelong learners, and empowering socially conscious global citizens all essential for success in our changing world.

Guiding Principles


Combining principles of social-emotional learning with academic excellence is critical to student success.  Our daily “Village” meetings celebrate the individuality of each of our students and equip them with the skills to be a self-advocate. 


Each day, students will meet in a small group with an adult in the building.  Students will have a dedicated staff member, known as the Village leader, who can provide guidance on academic success by connecting students with supports to meet their unique needs, monitoring progress, and coaching on content understanding.  There will also be time dedicated to building meaningful relationships, supporting students’ social emotional needs, and creating a space for mindfulness and readiness for learning. 


The Village leader will be the primary contact between the family and the school.  Through Village, each advisor will get to know both the students they work with and their families.   As a result, every student will have a trusted adult in the building with whom they can feel safe.  This trust will extend beyond the student to the family as well.

Project Based Learning

Identity and Character

Students learn the power and importance of their voice by connecting with their self-identity and culture

Human Rights

Students advocate for civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and recognize that these protections create an interdependent community in which these freedoms can be true

Race, Power, and Privilege

To cultivate understanding of race and culture, students will look at the implications of power and privilege in their lives and the world around them

Sustainability and Impact

Understanding the challenges that they will face in their future, students work alongside local and global experts to develop long term solutions

Our project-based curriculum materials and instructional strategies provide a meaningful context for students to engage deeply with content and take ownership of academic skills.  As a community school, our relationships with our community partners will support authentic learning opportunities.  Students will engage with community members by learning from experts in the field and contributing their ideas to actual local issues and dilemmas, tied to our four themes.  In order to prepare, they will read complex texts, write about the topics they study, and engage in purposeful conversations.  Our curriculum and instructional strategies are engaging and rigorous for all students.