Meet some of our Partners!


We believe, in order to reach high academic expectations, students must be ready to learn.  A school of excellence is a place the creates cohesive partnership opportunities with community resources to create an integrated focus on academics, health, youth and community development and engagement.  This synergy leads to improved student learning, stronger families and a healthier community.  An excellent school is responsive to the unique conditions and experiences of the community they are in and designed based on the following:


●     Communities and schools are fundamentally and positively interconnected. 

●     Schools can make a difference in the lives of all children.  

●     Children do better when their families do better.

●     The development of the whole child is a critical factor for student success.


At Aurora Community School, we are not a building that simply exists in a community.  We are a piece of an interconnected network of supports, resources and opportunities for students, families, staff and community partners.  

Before & After School

Our school partnerships will result in both essential resources, supports and development for our students and families, and also the opportunity for our students to use their learning and agency to positively give back and impact their community.  Through continuous, deliberate engagement with families and community, Aurora Community School aims to  be a community center that is accessible for all; we will be open from 6:30am to 6:30pm to provide students and families access to the resources, supports and opportunities offered within the building, including before and after care!